Our Story


Our Vision

Our vision is to create innovative, comfortable, sustainable, high-quality footwear. This footwear will inspire you to chase your adventure, stay active and respect your planet and its people.

Our Roots

In 2014, we introduced the lightest, most stylish water shoes for outdoor adventures in and out of the water. We named it XDRAIN. The shoes where you can relax and be active. For nomads at heart - those born for adventure and exploration, those who value connection over separation, and those who desire freedom of movement.

We’ve come a long way, but our vision, values, and culture have held strong throughout it—from innovative shoes to enduring classics and originals, we create essentials for wherever you need to go. We're constantly inspired by our community - we're always with you on your adventures.


We are committed to using less water, and more sustainable materials and giving back to society. While we have come a long way, we know that sustainability is an ongoing mission.

From fibers and fabrics to factories, all processes are carried out in an environmentally friendly way.

We want our footwear to support positive change and inspire a global sustainability movement.