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Top Adventure Destinations & Essential Gear for Safe Trips

Top Adventure Destinations & Essential Gear for Safe Trips

Top Adventure Destinations & Essential Gear for Safe Trips

Life is one grand adventure, but sometimes we need to push it. Sometimes, only an adventure vacation can set us free. Get your heart racing by traveling to the right places and doing the right things.

That's what we will be going over today. The where and how of "adventure traveling" the right way.

What's There To An Adventure Vacation?

How do you know that you are having a proper adventure vacation? Well, the fastest way to tell is if your heart is pounding. Nothing screams adventure like your heart racing. However, what is exciting to one may not be so for another.

Adventure vacations can take many forms. Despite this, all vacations of this type share some similarities. Taking place outdoors is a must; you've got to get pulled out of your comfort zone. Usually, you'll be surrounded by beautiful environments and stunning vistas.

Finally, some form of challenge or obstacle must be overcome.

Right Gear is Important for Staying Safe and Having Fun

Based on our explanation of what constitutes an adventure vacation, we can safely assume that being prepared is an absolute must. While there may be some skeptics, let me clarify why having appropriate gear is crucial.

Adventure vacations can be risky due to their location in rugged terrain or involvement in demanding activities.

This means that the potential for you or anyone else getting seriously hurt skyrockets. Scary enough, in the most extreme cases, one mistake could lead to your death. Proper safety gear stops or, at the very least, significantly reduce the chance of a catastrophic accident.

Top Outdoor Adventure Destinations

●     National parks

○    Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone national park is often credited with being the world's first national park. However inaccurate this statement may be, there is no denying its brilliance. This park makes for an incredible adventure vacation due to its sheer size.

Stretching out across three state lines, Yellowstone has a little bit of everything. Great smoky mountains to go rock climbing on and winding trails for when you've got a mountain biking itch.

Thrill seekers will be particularly excited to hear about the more than 500 active geysers within the park's grounds. As for the rest of us, I suppose we should stick to the designated trails

○    Yosemite National Park

It's all been said about Yosemite national park. A truly hallowed ground, seemingly hand-crafted for adventure travel. What stands out most about this land are its granite rock formations.

Ripped straight from the pages of a fantastical storybook. These granite rock formations are set ablaze by the evening sun. The twilight rays make them glow red as if burning from the inside!

Said formations adorn epic hiking trails. There's even a ranch that offers horseback riding for the whole family. Yosemite's diverse landscape makes it a remarkable destination that sets it apart from competitors like Death Valley and Zion National Parks.

○    Grand Canyon National Park

While not as diverse as other national parks, the Grand Canyon is a must-visit US vacation spot. However, its stunning landscapes and precarious drops make this location one of the best adventure trips that you could embark on. The Grand Canyon itself is around a mile deep. Extending forward for more than two hundred and fifty miles.

Outdoor enthusiasts will revel in ample opportunities for adventure. This is because there are plenty of hiking routes and caves to explore. Just be sure to bring the proper equipment.

●     Hiking trails

○    Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one that must be traveled. Even within the entire western United States, there is nothing else like it. This trail is the longest marked path in all of the United States.

A highlight of every Appalachian walk is being able to experience the smoky mountains. Mystical and not bereft of color, these stunning monuments of nature tower over everything else.

Despite being such a well-known trail within the country, only around five hundred people complete the trail every year. Truly making this walk a challenge worthy of basing your entire adventure vacation around.

○    Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail is the iron-man challenge that nature lovers have been clamoring for. This gargantuan path barrages through twenty-six different national forests.

Also falling within its path are multiple national parks and several state parks. The Pacific Crest Trail was made for more than just a quick adventure vacation. Its enormity lends itself well to an entire season's worth of activities.

This is why day trips and overnight backpacking runs are frequent occurrences. Bring along a mountain bike and engage in an epic road trip to remember. You only need to look out for sudden changes in altitude and weather conditions.

○    Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago, which originated in the Middle Ages, is Europe's version of the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails. Best enjoyed as a bike ride, adventure travelers will have to pack well if they wish to complete this trail.

This is because the Camino de Santiago has several stages. Many of these stages are based in different countries. Among these countries are France, Spain, and Portugal. It should be no surprise that scenic vistas are no stranger on this trail.

In the Medieval ages, the Camino was Europe's oldest and busiest route. To this day, it continues to see much activity.

●    Water activities

○    Surfing in Hawaii

The California coast is a great place to begin your surfing endeavors, but they can be short-lived. If you want year-round surfing, then there is one place you must make the pilgrimage to.

Hawaii is perfect for outdoor adventures and year-round surfing excursions. Depending on the season, you may find it difficult to keep up. This is because as the seasons change, so does the difficulty of the waves that are generated.

Beginner surfers will want to visit the southern shores during the winter. The waves are much tamer and less consistent. Perfect for a novice to find their footing. Advanced surfers will need to head north to find a real challenge.

○    Kayaking in Alaska

When I say Alaska, you imagine ice and snow. While ice climbing is certainly possible in the great frozen state of Alaska, a kayaking tour could be just as appealing. If you're new to kayaking and don't know how to do it, don't worry. Many resources are available to help you learn.

The most breathtaking thing about kayaking in Alaska is the wildlife. Don't be surprised if you spot whales and even Orcas on your journey. Stories of curious seals and porpoises swimming alongside your craft are aplenty.

In particular, Sitka Sound is renowned for its location and the land masses that surround it.

○    White-water rafting in Colorado

Enough with the tales of peaceful kayaking and easy-going surfing trips to Hawaii. The Colorado river packs the punch that true adventurers have been craving. A word of warning, white water rafting is not for the careless.

Wearing a personal flotation device is a must. Try white-water rafting if you have the right equipment and either a certified instructor or good swimming skills.

No other activity that I've talked about today is as exciting and proactive as this. The best part is that there are several places within Colorado to go rafting.

For white-water rafting on your adventure trip, bring the right gear and have a certified instructor or good swimming skills.

○    Clothing and footwear

1.   Layering system

To stay comfortable and regulate your body temperature, it's best to wear the appropriate amount of layers. Although, piling on the layers is not enough.

You'll also want to make sure that you have them on in the right order. With the waterproof layers at the very top.

2.   Proper shoes/boots

Proper footwear is crucial when trekking through national parks and trails. Running shoes are not enough, and you'll need heavy-duty boots that protect against the elements. Don't forget to consider watershoes if you'll be walking through water or wet environments.

Make sure that whatever shoes you decide to wear provide you with adequate support.

○    Navigation tools

1.   Maps

Maps are a great way to keep yourself on the right course, provided that you know your own location. With a map, you get a detailed layout of your surrounding area. All of the most important landmarks are properly noted, and you won't have to worry about any signal losses.

2.   GPS

The right GPS system can be a real lifesaver. This is because most modern GPS systems provide you with an immense amount of information about your current location. Everything from your current altitude to your temperature can be diagnosed.

Usually, the battery of a GPS can last for several hours if not used intensively.

○    Camping equipment

1.   Tent

Tents are the perfect shelter option for those out on the trail. They provide you with enough cover to shield you from the rain and even intense wind storms. There are several different kinds of tents, and some are easier to set up than others.

2.   Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag keeps your entire body comfortable and warm. They are essential to a good night's sleep under the stars. This is especially true when adventuring during the winter season. In the snow, they are essential not just for your rest but also for your survival.

3.   Cooking gear

You'll need pots and pans to cook a meal, whether you bring ingredients or pick them from the surrounding area. Cooking gear is often forgotten, but any serious adventurer knows of their importance and usefulness. Even with proper shelter, if you can't eat, then your journey is as good as over.

○    Safety gear

1.   First-aid kit

First-aid kits are so essential, that I'd argue they belong in every household in the world. They are necessary. Providing you with gauze, bandages, and disinfectant wipes. Everything you need to treat minor wounds and help you control more serious situations.

2.   Headlamp/flashlight

When traveling, especially during the winter seasons, you'd be surprised how quickly it gets dark. It's honestly terrifying and could lead to a dangerous situation. A flashlight helps you avoid any drops and pitfalls.

3.   Personal locator beacon

In case you get lost, having a personal locator beacon can greatly increase your chances of being found. Truly a life-saving device!

●    My Final Thoughts

There's a lot that goes into planning a proper adventure vacation. However, once you get everything in order, there is no better way to get your body working and your mind energized.

All you need to remember is to bring the appropriate gear and choose a suitable location for your adventure.


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