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By @mapping.along

Siargao is one of those places we’ve been dreaming of visiting for a long time. We were obsessed seeing photos of this beautiful island pop up on our Instagram feed about a year ago. So when it came time to plan out where we would head to after our working holiday visas, we both knew it would be the perfect place to begin! After 8 full days on Siargao, it has become one of our favorite places we’ve ever visited. We know we’ll be back sooner than later.

Never in our life have we seen so many palm trees, eaten so many sweet juicy mangoes and been greeted by so many warm smiles and waves from local kids. Typically known for its world-class surf breaks, we can confirm that it’s also a paradise for adventure seekers like us. So until we come back around, here are 25 photos that will make you want to book a flight to Siargao!


Our week started off with some casual exploration of the area surrounding Cloud 9 and General Luna. This involved shooting some coconuts through makeshift basketball hoops, patting lots of stray dogs and driving on backroads lined with palm trees. One of our favorite days on Siargao was spent jumping off this wooden diving board and stand up paddle boarding at Sugba Lagoon. We were mesmerized by the intense blue of the water and how clear it was! The Magpupungko rock pools were one of our biggest surprises during our time on Siargao. We drove our scooters up in the early morning with very little expectations and ended up spending many hours just jumping off rocks, sunbathing, swimming in the crystal clear turquoise water and testing out our new Aleader water shoes! If you’re planning on visiting the rock pools, make sure to check the tides and go at low tide.

We’ve both never owned water shoes before and have accumulated quite a few foot injuries over our 6 months in Asia from stepping on various objects (sea urchins, broken coral, sharp rocks, you name it, we’ve stepped on it 😅). Safe to say these shoes are a game changer. We’ll never go back to not wearing them in places like these. We promise you won’t ever want to go back to walking on slippery, jagged rocks with your flip flops or even worse, your bare feet!


We made a few pit stops on the way back from the rock pools because the views were just too darn good not to stop! The amount of palm trees on this island is nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before. And of course, a visit to Siargao wouldn’t be complete without stopping at the now famous palm tree river rope swing, where local kids greet you with a smile and show you how to jump like a local! One of the most popular things to do in Siargao is the 3 island tour. We got pretty unlucky with the weather on our tour but nonetheless enjoyed our time.

As mentioned, the weather was quite bipolar during our time in Siargao. We still decided to wake up for sunrise on our last day on the island and we were greeted with gorgeous light and the whole beach all to ourselves! The perfect way to end our time on this gorgeous island.

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