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By @taayyy_jaayyy

Today started off very slow, but ended up turning into quite a surprise.

It took me about 3 hours to get myself out of bed this morning. I just wasn’t finding the motivation to do anything, which may sound crazy since I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

When I finally jumped out of bed, I took a peak outside, and it was one of clearest days in awhile. I decided to go hiking at the Ka’au Crater waterfalls.

About a week ago, a company called Aleader sent me a pair of their water shoes to try out.

Overall, the shoes are extremely comfortable with a great design, and are perfect for the beach and waterfall adventures.

I thought they were perfect for the waterfall because there are rocks at the bottom, and having light shoes to wear that dry quickly also is very helpful.


 When I made it to the top of the first waterfall, I met a group of people who were rappelling. I’ve seen them before at a different waterfall, so it was ironic to see them again.

To get the perfect photo, they decided to hang upside down over the top of the falls holding an American Flag. Adrenaline junkies for sure, my kind of people.

They asked me if I was interested in trying it, and I said “Of Course, Lets do it.” I’m always looking for new experiences in life.

Before I went I, they gave me a little lesson on how to get down safely. After, it was showtime. I swung around the tree and made my way down the falls.

The whole process is actually really simplistic and easy to do. It was a pretty amazing experience and hope I can do it again in the future, hopefully on a higher waterfall. 



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