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Kayak Barefoot? Better wear water shoes

Kayak Barefoot? Better wear water shoes

Kayak Barefoot? Better wear water shoes

Although kayaking happens inside a kayak, you have to expect that at some point you will be required to step out in the water. Of course, you can go kayaking in different environments, which means that your landing site will feature distinguished surroundings. With this in mind, you need to ask yourself – is it really safe to go kayaking barefoot?

While on some occasions it might be okay to go barefoot, it is not recommended to do so, especially when you go to unfamiliar terrains. To avoid hurting your feet, it is wise to consider wearing water shoes. This type of footwear is designed to protect your feet from rocks and other sharp objects, and still allow you to move around freely and comfortably. 

In this article, we will discuss the conditions in which it might be safe to go barefoot. Also, we are going to talk about the risks that you might face when you go kayaking without appropriate footwear. So, keep reading to discover some eye-opening facts that will help you stay safe when going kayaking!

Is it safe to go kayaking barefoot?

Kayak enthusiasts are aware that this water sport comes with some risks. We are talking about an extreme activity here, so considering possible dangerous scenarios is pretty justified. Therefore, before indulging in your next adventure, you need to think about the equipment you need to stay safe. 

Since kayaking is a water sport, you might believe that you will not be needing shoes. This activity requires sitting in a narrow watercraft and paddling across a water surface. So, it is normal to assume that shoes are not really a necessity. Still, kayaking barefoot might not be such a good idea.

Even if you are out of the water the whole time while paddling away, at some point, you will need to get out of the watercraft. This means that you will be forced to step inside the water. This might take a few seconds, but it is enough time to step on something sharp and hurt your feet. Moreover, you might step on something slippery inside the water and injure another part of your body, not just your feet. 

That is why we strongly recommend that you avoid going kayaking barefoot at all times. It is better to stay protected than to risk getting hurt. This might not only spoil your adventure, but it may also result in some permanent consequences. So, it is better to stay alert and ready for every kayaking condition!

Go kayaking barefoot only when you are familiar with the surroundings

If you really must go kayaking without any water shoes on, then make sure that you know the conditions of your kayaking surroundings. When you know the conditions of your activity, you are aware of whether you are facing some risks or not. 

For instance, areas considered harmless when kayaking without shoes are generally warm and sandy places, such as beaches. Also, you might not need shoes if you kayak around muddy terrains without wood or rocks. The same goes for well-regulated docks where appointed people regularly monitor their state. 

Only in these conditions, you might consider kayaking without shoes safe. However, we still recommend not to take this risk if you have not visited the area beforehand. Relying only on reviews and comments that people leave on the internet about certain places is not really wise. 

When is it not safe to go kayaking barefoot? 

Even if you are experienced in kayaking, you should not risk hurting your feet, especially if your feet look like sandpaper. You would not like to turn your exciting adventure into a nightmare just because you were not properly equipped, right? Then, make sure that you always take water shoes with you when you do not know the kayaking conditions. 

To make things clearer for you, let’s discuss some of the conditions where it will be mandatory to put proper footwear on; 

  • Areas surrounded by sharp and wet rocks. 
  • Areas abundant with sticks and wood. 
  • Surroundings that are full of wading animals, such as snakes, crabs, and different insects. 
  • Water areas where there might be a spread of disease.  N
  • Surroundings that are characterised by cold water. 

Areas surrounded by sharp rocks or wood 

Imagine crashing your toe into an edge of your furniture. We all know that this is the most painful feeling in the world. Stepping on sharp rocks or wood sticks without any shoes on will hurt ten times more. 

That is why you need water shoes that will protect your feet, so if you step on something sharp – it will not hurt at all. A pair of solid water footwear from Aleader Gear will make your life easier, and you will not have to worry about getting hurt when you exit your kayak.

Surroundings abundant with wading animals

You may not be afraid of animals, but you never know when they can feel endangered and try to protect themselves. Walking barefoot around the natural habitats of snakes and various insects can be dangerous to your feet. 

Therefore, wearing knit water footwear can really help you avoid snake or insect bites. We have made our shoes with every scenario in mind, so we can guarantee that your feet will be well protected. On the plus side, you will feel comfortable at all times since they are lightweight, and you will not even notice that you are actually wearing shoes! 

Water areas might spread diseases 

When it comes to areas that are quite familiar to you, you may not feel the necessity to think about catching diseases from different waters. But, if you are exploring new grounds, you should always consider that some waters can be potential disease carriers. That is, you need to bear in mind that they can be home to many parasites that spread different kinds of diseases. 

Many of the diseases that come from parasites can spread through your feet. That is why it is convenient to have appropriate footwear. Most of our best sellers are ideal for kayaking around unfamiliar areas. 

Surroundings with cold water 

Kayaking is not only a summer sport. If you are still a beginner, you probably have not learned a lot about this sport yet. Namely, many kayakers go kayaking in cold weather, even throughout the whole winter. To be able to withstand the cold water, a kayaker needs to have appropriate equipment, especially footwear.

At Aleader Gear, we offer great swimming shoes that are perfect for protecting your feet from cold water. These shoes have a wide toe design so they are flexible enough to allow you to move freely without feeling any restraints on your feet.

Hopefully, you have understood that kayaking without water shoes is not a good idea. You need to understand that having proper water footwear is of vital importance, and neglecting it can lead to unpleasant consequences. You may not like wearing shoes while you are in the water, but if you choose your pair carefully, you will not even notice that you are wearing something on your feet in the first place! 

Are you looking for high-quality water footwear? Then you should check out our website! We offer a wide variety of shoes that you can use on many occasions and for many purposes.


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