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Finding the Best Water Shoes

Finding the Best Water Shoes

There is a saying that "clothes make the man," while there may be some debate on that, we can surely say that "shoes make the adventure." The outdoor adventure begins and ends on your feet. Without the proper footwear for the job, your experience may not be ideal. One place where the right footwear is critical is water shoes. Water shoes are the go-between where more traction s needed than bare feet, and it's too wet for regular shoes. Not all water shoes are up to the task, and not all styles will work for every situation. Rather than running away from the problem, we at Aleader have created a lineup of environmentally conscious water shoes for any situation you can come across. To help find the best shoe for you, we've compiled a list of the best in class for various categories. Read on and find the best shoe for you.

Best Overall:

Xdrain Classic Knit Water Shoes


The Xdrain Classic knit water shoe is the flagship model for Aleader. The lightweight shoe provides exceptional grip while keeping the wearer cool with its knit top. The Xdrain sole allows water to flow through freely. The shoe is easy to adjust and attractive enough to wear anywhere.


Best Non-Slip:

Barefoot Beach Water Shoes

Non-slip footwear is crucial for adventure around slick surfaces. Whether climbing river rocks or walking across a fish-covered deck, having shoes that grip is key for staying upright. The barefoot beach water shoe has multiple grip zones to allow your foot to form and grab onto whatever surface you are on. The thicker sole provides even more surface hugging ability for smaller surfaces like dock ladders or rocky beaches.


Best Sandal:

Arch Support Flip Flops

For dry and wet conditions with a quick-off capability, it's hard to beat the flip flop. A leader's Arch support flip-flops are designed for flip-flop lovers with lightweight, weather-resistant materials. Unlike cheaper foam sandals, the EVA molded midsole keeps your feet supported all day. The rubber sole is textured to provide traction on wet boat decks or airport tiles. The synthetic strap and nylon toe post is quick-drying to keep you comfortable wherever your travels take you.


Best for Water Aerobics:

Swimming Pool Water Shoes

Water aerobics requires an impressive amount of muscle control; unless you have the right foot traction, you will look like a flailing duck in the pool. To save you the embarrassment of losing your footing in the pool, Aleader introduced the pool shoe. The sole is quick draining with plenty of grip for any wet surface. The mesh upper provides your feet with abrasion resistance from the pool edge, while the Velcro fittings keep the shoes extra snug.



Best for Hiking:

Barefoot Trail Running Shoes

There may be times when water activities take a turn for the more land-based. Hiking in wet conditions where river crossings are common would leave most water shoes in the dust. The barefoot trail running shoe is the answer to all things amphibian. Designed to be an ultra-lightweight option, the trail running shoe features a wafer-thin sole with a mild scale pattern to grip mud and dirt. The breathable stretch upper provides a molded snugness made even more secure with the quick-adjust elastic laces. While most featherweight shoes skimp on the arch support, Aleader's shoes have a lightweight zero-drop midsole to keep your arch intact while running.


Best Slip-On:

Xdrain Nova Water Shoes

Employing the same Xdrain sole as the classic water shoe, the nova water shoe takes the design of a good water shoe and makes it easier to wear. The Nova water shoe omits the elastic strings and uses elastic mesh to form comfortably on the user's feet. The neoprene tongue provides even more security to keep your foot in the shoe when splashing around in the pool or river.


Best Aqua Socks:

Barefoot Minimalist Sock Shoes

Even the thinnest of water shoes can feel restrictive to some. There are aqua socks for those who want the freedom to wiggle their toes and keep their feet safe. The Barefoot Minimalist Sock Shoes combine a breathable woven ankle sock and a textured rubber outsole. Not only will these socks keep your feet safe from shells and barnacles, but they are an excellent tool for indoor cleaning when a mopped floor could cause a fall. The Sock Shoes are also 100% machine washable.



Best Dressy:

Upper Support Barefoot Water Shoes

Most water shoes aren't considered dressy; Aleader's Upper Support water shoe is the exception. The attractive woven pattern on the mesh upper works well with most clothing options, while the reinforced upper supports give the shoe a more traditional look. The Barefoot style sole has quick drain holes while giving traction that would make James Bond jealous. With the molded five-toe design, you may wear these enough to justify trying to wear a suit under your drysuit.



Best Quick-Drying:

Xdrain Classic 1.0 Water Shoes

Quick-drying water shoes are a must if you plan on wearing them for any additional time out of the water. The Xdrain Classic 1.0 has fast drying as a core concept. The Xdrain sole allows water to freely drain from the sole, keeping feet drier than shoes with smaller drain holes. Not only does the bottom of the shoe drain faster, but the top does too. The large pore mesh of the top of the shoe cuts down on weight, increases breathability, and speeds up drying time. The only way to get a faster drying shoe is not to wear it in the water and let's face it, that's just silly.


Selecting the right water shoe can be a challenge, but with Aleader’s buying guide, you know you can find the right shoe for you. Not only will you receive a high-quality shoe that excels at providing comfort and style, but you will also be purchasing a pair of shoes made by a company that cares. A company that cares about where materials come from so that consumers can care about where they take you. So shop with confidence and don't be afraid to get wet.


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