To be on such a beautiful beach comes with a price. The hike down to Kelingking Beach isn’t exactly a walk in the park, so you’ll definitely want to bring a solid pair of sneakers on this particular beach trip.

Aleader water shoes are absolutely essential for adventures like Kelingking Beach. This pair of lightweight, water shoes made by Aleader are the perfect shoe to protect your feet during the hike down and at the same time won’t ruin once you finally arrive on the beach.

The trek down from the viewpoint to the beach is anything but laidback as you proceed to climb down several hundred meters of makeshift stairs consisting of a bunch of ropes and sticks sketchily fastened to the limestone boulders on the edge of the Kelingking sea cliff.

Nevertheless, to make matters worse, add in the fact that there are clusters of other travelers trying to do the exact same thing. Evidently the hike down takes around an hour to complete as you will be forced to squeeze and finesse your way past others both going up and down the narrowest of pathways hanging from the side of one of the most daunting cliffs you will ever see.

Don’t fret though, as it is an experience you won’t soon forget and as long as you are in no rush, you will make it down quite alright.