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  • The non-slip rubber sole offers superior grip, preventing slips and falls on wet surfaces.
  • The breathable polyester fabric upper keeps your feet comfortable and dry, even in hot weather.
  • The wide five-toe box design helps the feet relax and spread out, providing maximum comfort and stability.
  • An elastic band with removable shoelaces allows for easy adjustments and a secure fit, so you can move with confidence.
  • The bottom with drainage holes ensures water flows out quickly, keeping your feet dry and reducing the risk of fungal infections.

Quick Dry Material

We've designed our water shoes with a quick-dry fabric that helps you wear them with confidence and comfort, even on your most treacherous adventures.

Drainage System

They're there to allow water to drain out of the shoe, so you can stay dry after a dip.


When you want to hit the ground running and go exploring, it'll be easy to find your footing with the non-slip soles while you're crossing some logs or going up a steep mountain trail.

Travel Best Companion

A better companion for exploring new trails. Perfect for hiking and adventures in wet conditions and can handle a variety of terrains.