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We know you can't wait to get outside and make the most of the winter season after a long, cold winter. That's why we designed these boots Aleader Women's Mid Calf Winter Snow Boots with 200g of Thermolite insulation to keep your feet warm, no matter how cold it gets. You'll never worry about slipping in these boots, with their non-slip rubber outsole. And with a padded lining to keep you comfortable all day long, it's easy to stay focused on what you're doing.

    - Rubber Sole
    - Warm Stayed
    - Safety Protected
    - Comfort All
    - Fashion Looking

    Water Proof

    Engineered with a waterproof upper and Seam-Sealed Construction, for a snug and dry feeling as you're out and about.

    Rubber Sole

    Rubber sole which provides much better traction than a rubber heel. They're comfortable to wear and keep your feet warm and dry all day long.


    Rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit and come with 200 grams of Thermolite insulation, a padded lining that provides sustainable heat preservation.

    Easy Fit

    With our easy-to-fit comfortable boot, you can stay outside for longer without feeling stiff or sore and get to your destination quicker with its side zipper design.