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Get your feet wet and on the move with our Vibe Knit Water Shoes. This is a great choice for those who love adventure doing yoga, surfing, swimming, and the great outdoors, you'll find that it is durable enough for any occasion. Made of our Xdrain technology outsole that provides superior drainage when submerged in water. We design it to be lightweight and quick-drying to ensure you have the freedom to enjoy your water-based activities in comfort.

    - Knitted upper provides excellent fit and breathability
    - Empowered with Xdrain technology outsole to provide full drainage, ensuring your feet dry out quickly under wet conditions.
    - Lightweight and quick-drying
    - An elastic lacing system secures the shoe tightly for quick and easy on/off
    - Crisp design that goes well with any casual or sporty outfit.

    Slip Resistant

    Non-marking rubber outsole for best in class grip on smooth wet surfaces provides superior grip and protection.

    Xdrain Sole

    Lightweight water drain outsole quickly drains the water from the water shoes, providing the possibility of flexible mobility in the water.

    Engineered Mesh

    Mesh upper provides excellent breathability, keeping your feet cool and dry even during hot summers.

    All-terrain Versatility

    Seek adventure in Xdrain, feel the pulse of nature and explore freely. Face challenges calmly and change freely.