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  • Built-in Energy Cloud tech outsole which absorbs impact and cushions your foot for ultimate comfort and stability. Making each step more comfortable than the next.
  • A perfect everyday pair for any occasion, giving you the flexibility of movement for any task.
  • The elastic band laces are tieless and provide a simple custom fit for easy slip-on-and-off functionality.
  • Digitally knitted textile upper offers lightweight support for your foot, while still looking flattering on the go.
  • Secure fit gives you more space and less pressure.

Easy fit

Features an adjustable-length lace for a perfect, personalized fit, and the shoe can accommodate both wide and narrow feet

Energy Cloud Sole

Built with patented Energy Cloud technology that distributes the shock from each step evenly. Cushioning tech absorbs heavy impact and makes even your toughest day seem like a breeze


Energy cloud soles offer you the utmost in comfort and flexibility, for any terrain. A classic style with a modern twist, these shoes are perfect for any everyday needs.

Breathable Upper

The knit upper features a breathable, stretchy construction that offers lightweight support for your foot while still looking feminine and fashion-forward.